Thursday, August 15, 2013

My two cents


Hey guys it's been awhile since I've posted. Currently, cashnhits still takes the cake! With decent earnings with autosurf and referral commissions, upgrades are worth it. Give it a go, it will soon be a favorite of yours too!, I am also giving linkbucks and adfocus a try. Who knows, maybe it can be quite useful!

Friday, May 17, 2013

GptPlanet gets a thumbs up!

GPTPLANET Review: Should you be a member?

Just a small short review here for Gptplanet, I am currently really liking this site next to Cashnhits. I am seeing great earning potential because of the combination of cheap upgrades and recycling referrals. If you utilize the guaranteed sign up ptc referral method I use here, you may experience many people going inactive after they complete your offer. This is where you can recycle them PERMANENTLY for 10 cents. 

  • Legit and paying for years
  • Run by honest admin (same as elite site Scarlet-clicks)
  • Decent earnings for a standard member, upgraded members will make 4+ cents a day by themselves however
  • RECYCLE direct referrals for 10 cents. This is my favorite option as it sure is a bummer to have your ptc referrals go inactive! 
  • $1 minimum payout
  • CHEAP UPGRADE for 80% ref earnings
  • Timer might seem long to you, to me not really

Notice: Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in such a long time; been busy with finals. Unfortunately, I will be stopping the weekly referral posts as I am running out of ideas you guys haven't heard of yet. Though I WILL post about new ideas whenever they come up.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lifetime Banner Advertising

Quick Announcement!

Hey guys, I just wanted to mention a new feature to this blog. If you take a look at the new tab "Lifetime Sponsored Banners", It shows an area where people can put banners there for LIFETIME. I just integrated the visitor count widget so of course the counts are just starting today. I will be driving traffic for this site for around at least 1000 visitors daily.

So in just 30 days, that is 30,000 impressions. My prices are $5 for 1 banner, $9 for 2, $12 for 3. 
This LIFETIME advertising however, which is very rare and makes this a great deal. 

ALSO, I will be rotating the banners every month so that it is fair for every banner (wouldn't be fair for people who paid for below banners).

Of course, these are impressions so my visitors must voluntarily click on your banners. Banners and websites can be of ANYTHING.

Be sure to contact me with banner codes and target url's. Also, you can change the banner and link whenever you please, just notify me. Thanks!

Ptc Referral Tip of the Week!


Ptc Referral Tip # 14

Better than a normal link exchange

Today I will be discussing a strategy I have discovered. So do you click on traffic exchange sites? If so, then you're going to love this so you can get more ptc referrals!

I will be talking about using Goldenclix, a relatively new, yet paying site.

They have a point system to where you will receive 1 pt per ad you click. Generally, they have around 20 ads daily, so thats 20 pts. What the good part is that you can redeem 1000 pts for $1 add funds, which should be reachable in 50 days. Their advertising prices are 1000 credits for $1, so technically that is a 1:1 click exchange ratio. 
On top of that, I am earning around 4 cents per day clicking on ads on a standard membership. So 50 days X 4 cents = $2, much better than most click exchange sites offering around 20-30 cents per 1000 clicks, am I right?!

So lets sum things up, that's 1000 ptc credits PLUS $2 for you. Great for FREE advertising for ptc referrals and earning money. Click Here to visit the site
Ps. Please keep in mind that the site is only a few months old, so don't invest money in it yet. This method is completely free however; that is why I am suggesting it.

Questions, comments, feedback? Leave them below!

Monday, April 15, 2013

Ptc Referral Tip of the Week!


Ptc Referral Tip #13

Compare and contrast with your own sites

Before I say anything, I would like to apologize for skipping the ptc referral tip of the week last week; I had so much school work and tests to worry about.

Anyways, this ptc referral tip is to test out your ptc sites to advertise. So if you put the same amount of ptc credits to promote two sites, you might see that one site is getting more referrals than the other. This means that one of your sites is more in demand for sign ups! It will give you a good clue that this site will be easier to build ptc referral downlines than the other. You will get more referrals for your advertising money because you're choosing the easier site to promote. 

PS. you must consider other factors in which site you want to build or promote, so you should click HERE for one of my previous posts that shares other factors. 

Questions, comments, feedback? Leave them below!

Monday, April 1, 2013

Ptc Referral Tip of the Week!


Ptc Referral Tip # 12

Watching out for sites that say you can buy referrals ptc referrals

This tip is more of a warning tip for trying to get ptc referrals. There are some sites out there that want you to make a purchase in order to "gain" massive amounts of referrals. Most of the time, those type of things are just scams to get you to buy products. Recently, I have tested out Planet-Traffic's 100 international sign ups for $25 just to see if results would be good. WHAT A WASTE.

Pros - 105 referrals were in fact given in a couple of days
Cons - ONLY about 30 of them clicked for a day, and ZERO of them clicked for 2 days. The reason being basically those referrals only signed up for commissions from planet-traffic's company.

I DID do some research and another person claimed similar results. However, I thought that possibly since I was promoting an elite ptc, that my ptc referrals gained from there would continue clicking. Terrible mistake because I could have used that $25 for some more efficient referral gaining methods (like the ones I have been posting). 

I hope that this information helps some people think twice about certain sites. I tell my valuable readers of this blog TESTED information.
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Monday, March 25, 2013

Ptc Referral Tip of the Week!


Ptc Referral Tip #11

Creating your own banner

Have you ever used banner advertising before to get ptc referrals? You can try to spice things up by creating your OWN ptc banner. If you're promoting a banner that is heavily used by other members, then it won't stick out as much. Try to create an eye-catching banner, get creative. Think about what words and phrases will make more people click on your banner such as: "Top Paying PTC", "PTC with many ways to earn", "Cashout Fast with this PTC", "Better than Neobux and Clixsense"

You can probably come up with more clever phrases to gain ptc referrals and high click throughs rates.

Here is a site that I've used where you can create a free banner: bannersketch

Steps after creating the banner:
1) Use a free photo site like photobucket to upload your creation.
2) Photobucket will provide you with a direct url to your banner
3) Use that direct url for entering the banner url in your advertising site.

I hope this comes off as an idea to think outside of the box to gain ptc referrals for your sites.

Questions, comments, feedback? Feel free to comment below