Sunday, July 8, 2012


The Paid to Promote (PTP) method. AUTOPILOT earnings (earning when someone visits your link)

 The way this works is that you advertise your special referral links to gain cash per visit to your url. The best part is that you can STILL gain REFERRALS through their link! I get up to $2.50 per 1000 views. Why promote other referral links when you can gain commissions at the same time with these?!

  Step 1 Join either Cashnhits or Donkeymails if you have not already because they are by far the highest in Paid to promote earning and are both legit. Cashnhits can be promoted on any site, but donkeymails has certain sites where you can promote their link at.

Step 2 PROMOTE, PROMOTE, PROMOTE! The trick is to use low cost advertising to promote your links. Here are some good sites that I purchase ad credits to use my PTP links.

24000 views for only $5!

Holiday Special! $4 100 Guaranteed Signups ( $1.9 Value ) 4000 Link Credits ( $3.2 Value ) 8000 PTP Credits ( $6.2 Value ) 40000 X-Credits ( $24.2 Value ) 800000 Banner Credits ( $60.2 Value ) 800000 F. Ad Credits ( $60.2 Value ) 800000 F. Banner Credits ( $60.2 Value )

Small PTC Package $5 500 X-Credits ( $0.10 Value ) 5000 Link Credits ( $8 Value ) 50000 Banner Credits ( $2.50 Value ) 50000 F. Banner Credits ( $2.00 Value ) 50000 F. Ad Credits ( $2.00 Value )

  Jillsclickcorner 5000+ hits for $5.25
  Step 3 Make sure you are earning more than you are spending for the ads! You want to gain money and referrals. If you join cashnhits, upgraded members receive more cash per PTP visit and have numerous other benefits such as more earnings and free advertisement credits.

  Step 4 RELAX and receive earnings on AUTOPILOT because people are basically clicking for you


  1. How much have you already earned using this "system of earning in autopilot" you've created? It would really be helpful if you can show your daily average earning as well. ^^

  2. Hello Helm, thank you for the comment =], so far I have earned about $80. Daily earnings would depend on how much you are advertising your PTP link. With using just Scarlet-clicks and Jillsclickcorner, I typically receive around 80 cents a day by letting those ads run. I've also received 10 bonus referrals by using this method.

    Please take note that I highly recommend upgrading your account for this method. It makes the earnings much easier. Otherwise, you may end up paying more for your advertisements unless you use free traffic exchanges.

    If you take a look at my new posting you can see screenshots

  3. You another way you can promote the ptp feature on Donkeymails is to use the manual surf feature at No Minimum and similar sites that have manual surf as well. I've been using No Minimum for promoting Donkey Mail's ptp links and it gives me some free traffic to the link, though I will have to try out the other methods too.

    1. Thanks for the feedback! I'm sure it will help out others as well.

      I have used free traffic exchanges as well to promote PTP links. Is Donkeymails your primary PTP link you are promoting? I don't have as much experience with them, but you can try to look at their approved site list for sites. I know that Cashnhits has a manual surf option with a 5:4 ratio and is approved by Donkeymails. I wish you good luck, feel free to contact me if you want. Happy earnings!

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