Monday, March 4, 2013

New Feature to the Blog

Sign Up Bonus: For signing up as a ptc referral

I will be posting any promotions/offers I have on here from Cashnhits. I don't deny honest sign ups! (I can get banned that way anyways haha) 

Make sure you have a Cashnhits account, its an amazing must have site to your ptc lists. You can sign up here if you're feeling generous, I would definitely appreciate.

Here are my current offers, posted for being my Scarletclicks or Gptplanet ptc referral.

You will receive 20 cents in your Cashnhits account for being my Scarletclicks ptc referral. With Cashnhits, you will should be able to get to cash out in about a week. Minimum is 60 cents.

You will receive $1 INSTANTLY when you join as my ptc referral and UPGRADE on Scarletclicks with a 2 week period after signing up. If you do this offer, you will be able to cashout on Cashnhits instantly.


 Same as offer 1, but with Gptplanet instead. Gptplanet is a legit sister site of Scarletclicks.

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