Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Ptc Referral Tip of the Week!


Ptc Referral Tip #10

Using sites with special discount packages that includes direct referrals OR guaranteed signups

There are some sites that have this great option to get some MAJOR savings on advertising. You can effectively build ptc referral downlines in two different ways using this. 

1) For some sites (for example: cashcamel or cash-harvest) you can get direct referrals for THEIR site when you purchase their advertising specials. This means that every time you try to get ptc referrals for one of your sites, you can build cash camel or cash-harvest as well and make money on there. These referrals get put into your account INSTANTLY.

Here are some examples of the packages:
Silver Package
  • $3
  • 4 Referrals ( $0.00 Value )
  • 750 PTR Credits ( $0.75 Value )
  • 10500 Visitor Credits ( $3 Value )
  • 20000 Banner Credits ( $1.00 Value )
  • 20000 Text Ad Credits ( $0.80 Value )

  • Cash-harvest
  • $5
  • 3 Referrals ( $3 Value )
  • 15000 Link Credits ( $15 Value )
  • 15000 Banner Credits ( $1.5 Value )
  • 15000 F. Banner Credits ( $1.5 Value)  

  • 2) You can also purchase specials that give you guaranteed sign up credits so you can get ptc referrals solely on a site of your choice by advertising the link with ptc credits and sign up credits. (Some of the sites that have this include: cashnhitscashcamel, and cash-harvest)

    The specials look similar to those above, but instead of the referrals for that site, you get guaranteed sign up credits to build what site you want. 

    I hope this info helps people out, click on the names of the sites to visit the page and check out the packages themselves. If you like them, join the site and purchase the special!

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