Monday, December 3, 2012



So far my experiences with Cashnhits have been nothing short from amazing. Being a PTC site user, I know earnings won't be too significant. However, this site surely has potential. I make more money here than any PTC site. Click Here if you haven't tried the site out yet, you won't regret it! Online and paying for years.

Member Benefits

  • MANY ways to earn such as paid to click, paid to sign up, auto surf for CASH, watch videos, emails, PAID TO PROMOTE (self explanatory when clicking HERE or you can read one of my  previous post), bonuses in traffic exchanges, and even bonuses for payment proof, be sure to read the forum. 
  • Easy and reasonable minimum payouts, only 60 cents. You can easily reach this within a couple of days even as a standard member with no referrals. Payments through Paypal, Payza, and Liberty Reserve
  • Friendly and active admins on the forum. They help you with any support you need. 
  • I prefer upgrading as you will initially regain that investment and make MUCH more than a standard member even if you have no referrals. Take a look at their CHEAP memberships HERE , the cheapest one is even a measly 50 cents a month! 
  • Upgraded members get a surprise ad on a random hour which ranges from 3-50 cents! Imagine paying off that 50 cent membership just by stumbling upon the surprise ad!

Take a look at my earnings, take note that I have the most expensive membership, use Paid to Promote, and have around 30 GOOD active referrals. Pretty neat earnings don't you think?

Advertiser benefits
  • Cashnhits has one of the cheapest advertising on the internet!
  • You can make payments through account balance, paypal, payza, liberty reserve, and various credit/debit cards
  • I highly recommend buying their specials because you receive a much better deal from them. CLICK HERE to check out their store
  • If you have an issue with your credits you can contact admins on the forums, sometimes they even give you more than what you've asked for!

With doubt, every online site takes perseverance. These type of sites are more of extra residual income. To make a living off this site would need a good amount of referrals, you can get up to 90% on their earnings, and receive commission for their purchases. Please comment about your experiences or give me questions. Thanks for reading.


  1. I actually joined Cashnhits myself recently (joined it via a ptsu offer at My Browser Cash) and it seems to be pretty useful to have, especially when you do all of the ptc ads, watch youtube videos, autosurf, etc. Reminds me of sites like Clixsense and Buxp a bit.

    1. I'm glad you find it a good site like I have. Earning potential is higher than the usual site. I would say that the only downside is that they go on maintenance for certain features more than others. It is alright though because they are simply improving user experiences.

  2. Replies
    1. Ahh yes you're right Yonatan, I just checked today. It seems as if sometimes unwanted pop ups are present in the PTP link that's why. That is regulated by the members themselves buying PTP advertising and putting their sites that corrupt the system =/. It may come back to trafficg in time. The admins of CNH definitely are working on keeping those type of things at a minimum. Thank you for the comment however. I shall take note of it in my post.

  3. have aslo a PTP section like CNH,but not paying so high