Friday, December 21, 2012

Earnings on sites

Today I will be mentioning the individual earnings on the sites I use (without refs) per day. You can find links to these sites on my blog or by clicking the banners.

CASHNHITS - Daily earnings including Autosurf, ptc, and video ads = 25+ cents daily (9+ cents for standard)

FUSIONCASH - Daily earnings for one paid to click ad and one forum post per day = 35 cents

SLICETHEPIE - 10+ cents per short song review. You can review an unlimited amount of songs. If I were to work on this site hourly, I would receive $3 dollars an hour which is great if you compare them to other sites.

CLIXSENSE - Daily earnings of 7+ cents (4 cents for standard)

NEOBUX - Daily earnings of 2+ cents

CASHTREAM - Daily earnings of 1+ cents

AYUWAGE - Daily earnings of 20+ cents

BUCKS4SHARES - Daily earnings of 1 cent

DONKEYMAILS - Daily earnings of 5+ cents

JILLSCLICKCORNER - Daily earnings of 4+ cents

SCARLETCLICKS - Daily earnings of 1 cent

If you total the amount of cents I receive in one day, and lets just say I do one hour of song reviews, I would receive $4.01+ PER DAY. That means $120.30 per month and $1463.65 PER YEAR. Doesn't that sound great? And these are earnings all by YOURSELF with no referrals. You can easily double your earnings with referrals. I know they are difficult to get nowadays if you are just starting off but they're worth it. What's neat is that you can work on these sites at the same time (excluding slicethepie) to view ads simultaneously. Just have clixsense at the end because they are force views. 

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