Monday, March 11, 2013

Ptc Referral Tip of the Week!


Ptc Referral Tip #9

Gain referrals mostly for your main sites that you want to build

An effective way to come onto distributing ptc referrals on your sites is to only pick a few of your main top earning sites to promote. Once you have a satisfying amount of ptc referrals on a certain site, maybe you can rotate to promoting a different one more to be successful at that one. Doing so will give you the following benefits:

1) When you have many referrals for a site, it is ideal to upgrade to make more money. But if you have 50 referrals total distributed to 10 of your sites that means that you'd only have about 5 referrals per site. That is usually not enough to upgrade your account effectively and can actually make you lose profit. If those 50 referrals were only on ONE site, then once you upgrade you'll be making maximum earnings from your ptc referrals.

2) Faster cashouts for that site. Most people prefer fast money right? Distributing the referrals to multiple sites will make all of those sites only slightly faster to cash out. When only one site has a bunch of ptc referrals then it would be more satisfying to most people.

3) If you ever try to promote your site and explain your experience, you can show AND prove to them that you have lots of ptc referrals with a simple screen shot. 

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    1. Thank you for your opinion! I hope my information help people out.