Sunday, December 18, 2011

Earn EASY cash with these legit and free sites!

Hi I have come across these sites that are all paying and some even paying for years. I will show you how successful you can be with these sites and a combination of things you can do to maximize your profits. Referrals are very crucial to your success and I will tell you some tips that helped me out. I will talk about direct referrals and rental referrals. First, here are the ptc sites that have paid me and many others. More will be added in the future.

Clixsense has been around since February 2007. This site is definitely not a scam. You're guaranteed to find plenty of 1 cent ads on there and if you're lucky a 2 cent ad. Minimum payout is $10 for a free user.

Neobux is also a great trusted site that won't let you down. It has been paying for years. It is pretty much like clixsense but they have a rented referral system and a neopoint system that will make you successful faster if you "play your cards right".

(for US and Canada only) is a very good site because it is a site where you can do ptc, offers, emails, surveys, and cashbacks! THE DAILY PAID TO CLICK AD GIVES 15 CENTS! That is more than you make on most ptc sites and its only ONE ad. Also, if you post 30 meaningful posts during one month in their forum, you receive $3 each month you do so. Only drawback is the $25 cashout. Free $5 signup bonus however! (Check banners on the right to sign up)

Ayuwage is also a legit site that I have enjoyed because it has offers as well as ads. Their ads pay a whopping 1.5 cents as well. I usually find at least 6 of those a day so you would get at least 9 cents daily from ads alone. The minimum payout for this site is $5

Inboxdollars is another great legit site. It isn't really a ptc site however. It is very versatile with ways you can earn such as paid emails worth 2 cents each, printing coupons worth 10 cents each, surveys, and even playing trivia games.  The best part is that they give you a complimentary $5 sign up! The only downside is that it only pays by check and the payout is $25.

Tired of not qualifying for surveys? Then this site is definitely the best for you! It is called instantcashsweepstakes and they ALWAYS credit you for your surveys. And best of all, the surveys are extremely short 3 questioned polls which literally take you around 30 seconds to answer. $2 minimum payout and a chance to win the daily $50.

Now  for the MOST important part to your success, referrals.

Direct referrals are a bit challenging if you're starting from scratch.
1)Most of my referrals come from my aurora sites that I use to advertise for cheap. I will provide them here. With those sites you can get traffic to promote your sites for free with their click-exchange area. You click on ads to get free traffic on your ads! The fastest way for me was to buy their advertising specials which included GUARANTEED SIGN UP credits. For example I purchased a special that was only $3 dollars and it included 100 guaranteed sign up credits, banner credits, click-exchange credits, ptc link credits, and featured ad credits. The investment was worth the direct referrals you receive! Why not use your money to get direct referrals than rented referrals? If you want fast referrals "it takes money to make money"
2)Also, talking to your friends and family about sites is extremely effective.
3)Another method I used to gain referrals was to go on referral exchanging forums so you can exchange sites with people. Make deals like "I will click daily on your site if you click daily on mine."
4) If you have a website or blog like this, it is great to advertise through there.

Cashnhits is one of the best sites to advertise any site due to how cheap it is and the quality traffic received from it. You can also click ads or complete offers on it if you want with a extremely LOW $0.60 minimum for free members.
Cashtream is another site I use and it is the sister of Cashnhits. This site has the cheaper deals on advertising but the traffic isn't quite as fast as Cashnhits.. Faster results will be found on Cashnhits.

 Rental referrals can be purchased using your main balance or money outside your balance. The main advice to your success in these are:
1) Calculate your earnings and spendings from the rental referrals. Finding your Break Even Point is extremely important. You need to calculate what average amount clicks do you need from referrals in order to gain the money lost in investment. If you get a higher avg amount of clicks than that point, then that means you are gaining sweet profit!
2) Use the autopay feature if available. They usually result in cheaper renewing,
3) Recycle the nonprofitable referrals. Be careful with this. Don't just recycle them if they missed 2 or 3 days of clicking. The best thing to do is to check their average. If their average is still above your break even point, then give them a chance because they might have just been busy those days.
4) Monitor your referrals by checking their stats daily! IMPORTANT
5)Once you continue to gain profit from your rental referrals, rent more referrals to gain even more cash. The key is to make sure you will have enough in your funds for recycling/renewing.

Following these steps on referrals and signing up through the right sites will for sure get you a nice income boost. I hope I inspired you to be successful with an easy online career.


  1. Pat I see you're improving overnight. Good look!

  2. Thanks a lot for your help! Couldn't have done it without you aha.