Sunday, March 18, 2012

Legit Aurora Sites

I've tested out 3 legit aurora sites this last month and I'm pretty satisfied with these three. Aurora sites tend to last longer than ptc sites so they are safer to use. All of these sites have been paying for years

DonkeyMails: This site has been around for a couple years already. Ads usually go for .1cent to .25cent, but there are so many everyday that I don't even click them all. You can use PTP on this site to get 50 cents per 1000 tier 1 views which is very generous. Cashout is at $1, easy target.

Jillsclickcorner: This site and Donkeymails are a part of the same company. Jillsclickcorner has ads from .1cent to .25cent as well. There are lots of ads just like Donkeymails. This site has games you can play to win cash as well. The cashout for this site is at $1 for paypal, but only 10 cents for other payment processors.

Scarletclicks: This site is an elite site that can be trusted for sure. The earnings are a bit slower however because the ads go from .05 cents to .2 cents and there is usually only around 15 ads daily. The site isn't that bad if you're one of those people that is fine with slow gradual earnings.

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