Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Bonus Ptc Referral tip

Want to make ptc referrals with offline methods? Here is an example of what I have done.

I make a flashy looking advertisement or flyer with Microsoft Word and post them on public bulletin boards (if it is allowed). 

Ex. For Slicethepie

As you can see, this is an advertisement that I personally made.
Make sure:
1) The ad is short and sweet. Create VALUE with your ad, not spam. Don't write long paragraphs because walking bystanders don't have time to read a giant story.
2) Add relevant graphics to the site. They help attract eyes
3) Play with the size of the fonts. Make the main info larger
4) Put a bunch of ref links at the bottom and arrange them like so. Then grab some scissors and cut horizontally between the links just enough that interested people can easily rip off a tab and type out the whole link at home. 
5) Remind them that it is a FREE INVITE.

Be sure to comment below for any questions about this or if there are things you can add to this technique. I made real referrals with this and all my ref link tabs were gone within a couple of days. 

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