Monday, January 21, 2013

Ptc Referral Tip of the Week!



Choosing what site is suitable for you to gain ptc referrals:

It is important to focus on only a couple sites on gaining referrals rather than spreading your referrals out everywhere. You will make more money and referrals by following these guidelines:

1) Choose a site that is legit and most likely won't shut down, check out the "PTC REVIEWER" tab for some great options. (It would be a pain in the !@# if you lost all of your hard earned ptc referrals)

2) Take a look at the percentage of your ptc referral commissions AS WELL as average earnings. Take account for how high the site pays per ad in the first place. One referral from a site clicks 5 ads worth .0005 and your commission is 50%. Another referral from a different site clicks 5 ads worth .01 and your commission is 10%. Doing the math, the first example would earn you .00125 while the second example earns you .005. Think about the math!

3) Consider upgrading memberships ONLY when you know you will earn more than what you spend PLUS average earnings from a free standard membership. Ptc referrals are usually very helpful when it comes to accomplishing that. I ALWAYS upgrade on Cashnhits because I am for sure to earn more from by Ptc referrals (up to 90% commissions)

4) Don't waste your time on overpopulated sites. I know how much you love your Neobux and Clixsense, but in all honesty, it is much harder to gain ptc referrals on those sites due to most PTC users having an account on them. 

5) Choose a site that's right for YOU! If you really enjoy a site and its pay, tell others about your experience. New users always want to hear some HONEST feedback. Don't exaggerate. 

Have any questions, feedback, agreements/disagreements, or advice you would like to share? Please leave a comment down below! I reply to all my comments

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