Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Ptc Referral Tip of the Week!


Ptc Referral Tip # 14

Better than a normal link exchange

Today I will be discussing a strategy I have discovered. So do you click on traffic exchange sites? If so, then you're going to love this so you can get more ptc referrals!

I will be talking about using Goldenclix, a relatively new, yet paying site.

They have a point system to where you will receive 1 pt per ad you click. Generally, they have around 20 ads daily, so thats 20 pts. What the good part is that you can redeem 1000 pts for $1 add funds, which should be reachable in 50 days. Their advertising prices are 1000 credits for $1, so technically that is a 1:1 click exchange ratio. 
On top of that, I am earning around 4 cents per day clicking on ads on a standard membership. So 50 days X 4 cents = $2, much better than most click exchange sites offering around 20-30 cents per 1000 clicks, am I right?!

So lets sum things up, that's 1000 ptc credits PLUS $2 for you. Great for FREE advertising for ptc referrals and earning money. Click Here to visit the site
Ps. Please keep in mind that the site is only a few months old, so don't invest money in it yet. This method is completely free however; that is why I am suggesting it.

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