Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Lifetime Banner Advertising

Quick Announcement!

Hey guys, I just wanted to mention a new feature to this blog. If you take a look at the new tab "Lifetime Sponsored Banners", It shows an area where people can put banners there for LIFETIME. I just integrated the visitor count widget so of course the counts are just starting today. I will be driving traffic for this site for around at least 1000 visitors daily.

So in just 30 days, that is 30,000 impressions. My prices are $5 for 1 banner, $9 for 2, $12 for 3. 
This LIFETIME advertising however, which is very rare and makes this a great deal. 

ALSO, I will be rotating the banners every month so that it is fair for every banner (wouldn't be fair for people who paid for below banners).

Of course, these are impressions so my visitors must voluntarily click on your banners. Banners and websites can be of ANYTHING.

Be sure to contact me with banner codes and target url's. Also, you can change the banner and link whenever you please, just notify me. Thanks!


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