Friday, May 17, 2013

GptPlanet gets a thumbs up!

GPTPLANET Review: Should you be a member?

Just a small short review here for Gptplanet, I am currently really liking this site next to Cashnhits. I am seeing great earning potential because of the combination of cheap upgrades and recycling referrals. If you utilize the guaranteed sign up ptc referral method I use here, you may experience many people going inactive after they complete your offer. This is where you can recycle them PERMANENTLY for 10 cents. 

  • Legit and paying for years
  • Run by honest admin (same as elite site Scarlet-clicks)
  • Decent earnings for a standard member, upgraded members will make 4+ cents a day by themselves however
  • RECYCLE direct referrals for 10 cents. This is my favorite option as it sure is a bummer to have your ptc referrals go inactive! 
  • $1 minimum payout
  • CHEAP UPGRADE for 80% ref earnings
  • Timer might seem long to you, to me not really

Notice: Hey guys, sorry I haven't posted in such a long time; been busy with finals. Unfortunately, I will be stopping the weekly referral posts as I am running out of ideas you guys haven't heard of yet. Though I WILL post about new ideas whenever they come up.


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